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SXSW: Wonder House Spectacular w/ Holly Jensen (UArizona), Lash Nolen (We Got Us), Noa Ohayon Bab

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Live from the Wonder House hosted by the University of Arizona at SXSW and elsewhere, Friday Night Movie's Shai and special guest host Alli Korman interview an array of fascinating and fun humans at the festival.


  • Holly Jensen, Vice President of Communications for the University of Arizona talks about her dream casting for a film about the @UArizona PAC 12 championship basketball team.

  • Toni and Morgan, local experts on how to get the most of SXSW for free!

  • Lash Nolen, SXSW speaker and founder of We Got Us, an organization dedicated to empowering Black communities with knowledge and information about COVID 19 and combatting medical racism, talks social media, superheroes, and fictional characters.

  • Noa Ohayon Bab, start-up marketing master, talks road trip movies with the family.

  • Lauren Mier, Midnight Movie Madness co-host, talks Lord of the Rings and the Batman.

  • Diana Daly and Jacquie Kuru, hosts of University of Arizona's Social Media and Ourselves podcast, dive into the Boys (Amazon Prime) vs. Downton Abbey.

  • Jorge and Eduardo (MAIA Health), and Juan (M Aerospace), talk about their favorite movies to watch on a plane and rank their favorite 007s.

Catch up on all the Friday Night Movie SXSW special coverage in this playlist, including featured interviews from SXSW Wonder House hosted by the University of Arizona. Keep checking back because we have even more SXSW content coming your way!

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