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Talia Osteen (Sex Appeal on Hulu, the Shabbos Goy, the Wellspring)

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

We are so excited to welcome writer, director, producer, composer Talia Osteen to talk about her feature length directorial debut, Sex Appeal, streaming on Hulu. We talk about how Sex Appeal brings the genre into 2021, subverting teen sex comedy tropes and bringing important topics, such as consent and agency, to the forefront of the story. Talia also takes us behind the scenes on how she directed the epic fantasy sequences in the film and of course we play some Buy, Rent, Meh. We also talk about Talia's terrific short, the Shabbos Goy, and her work as composer in the Wellspring. Go watch Sex Appeal if you haven’t yet and then listen to this ep!


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